01Office Building And Car Park

An area understanding is essential for security of office building and car park. The service covers the area of assets safety and personnel checking of both in and out. The latter can be classified into 2 categories as inner personnel with their passes as well as the outsiders who will be limited to visit for only specific area. Necessarily, I.D. Cards are requested for the outsiders in exchange of the building passes. Besides, for the security of the car park, the company will be responsible for the systemization, entrance and exit control of all vehicles, safety from possible accidents, assistance to out of order cars, and the guidance for car parking traffic.

02Department Store

The main responsibility is to secure public assets, shops, and customers who will question whenever they would like to. Also, we will be aware of stealing in a department store. However, the problem is not easy to be solved because robbers have been using new and strange stealing techniques. We will provide careful security guards in non-uniformboth men and women so as to decrease the stealing cases. Apart from the prevention from the other robbers, we should make effective policies for all staff to strictly follow in order to prevent stealing by the inner staff.

03Townhouse and Factory

The work for both will control the entrance and exit points for people and vehicles.Also, security guards should be able to see one another in order to help secure the places. Scheduled security guards will be assigned to stay at the area all the time.


There are many types of security approaches combined as securing an office, a parking lot, a department store and hotel. The security guards for a hotel will be assigned to stay at the entrance and exit way. They will have 2 duties at the same time; securing the place and welcoming guests. Thus, they must be tactful and have good English so as to help operate the work. The other details such as their working scope is mentioned on the items of “Office Building and Car Park " and " Department store”

05Security system

At present, security work has been expanded according to the economic growth as well as the dynamic domestic and international transportation to respond the business needs. There are many high technology equipment and electrical devices used in the security work such as lies catching machine, metal and bomb detecting machine, and safety signal. Therefore, the effective security systemization is needed for the company reliability on personnel assets safety. The company pays much attention on the security system in business. We will be delighted to provide consultation in the installation of security system based on our both agreement or our business clients' needs.




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